Friday, March 12, 2010

LEO music review: High on Fire

Mat Herron (LEO's music editor) recently asked me to write another music review, to run in the March 10th edition. Hopefully you saw it in print (on page 29) if you picked up a copy around town; you can also see it on their website; or you can read it here.

Snakes for the Divine
High on Fire
Koch Records
{ stoned conflict }

Expectations can erect hurdles only overcome by a willingness to engage in repeat listens. The sum of this album's noticeable dependence on recurrent musical themes and absurdly inaccessible vocals will likely be repellent to the uninitiated – however, after a few more spins, it generously rewards a patient preference for deliberative, psychedelic heavy metal. On their fifth studio recording, this band is again brandishing an impenetrable front line of heavy rhythmic chops punctuated by artillery blasts of precise solo strikes, unleashing a full-fledged assault of stoner guitar war. Yes, it's predictable, but in the era of the MP3-flavor-of-the-minute, consistency and tenacity are admirable. High on Fire are again confidently straddling the escarpment between sludge and speed, making Snakes for the Divine a stoic frigate of safe harbor for shred-heads.

High on Fire has a website, and you can listen to a few songs on their Myspace.

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