Monday, February 27, 2006

Soon to be married...

So, the moment that Amy will become my wife is only 96 days away. Which causes me to contemplate a few things about the way life works...

I take particular enjoyment in a few interests of mine: novels, music, video games, movies. There are particular video games that I strongly believe are perfect. I could explain at length to you the many brilliant aspects of one of them that come together and amount to "total genius." There are books that I love, and have read multiple times, and am sure to read yet again. I have favorite bands, whose music I could extol with abundant words of praise. There are movies that I think are so expertly made that they contain no flaw.

But in all of these areas, I am supremely incapable of choosing just one. No matter how amazing Zelda is, I cannot forsake all other video games and play only it. No matter how mightily Dream Theater blisters my ear drums, there is still other music that I must also listen to. I could read Gibson's sprawl trilogy a third time, but there will still be many other novels that I cherish. I may have favorites, but they are indeed favorites among many.

Yet, strangely enough, I know without doubt that there is only one woman for me. She is a favorite unto herself, and without peer. Despite my refusal to abstain from variety in virtually all other areas of life, in this one instance I am powerfully persuaded that there is indeed only one, and I choose her exclusively.

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